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What Affects the Cost of a Professional Roadside Assistance Service?

Roadside Help Is Worth the Cost

If you’re one of the more than 3.5 million drivers that have experienced a roadside emergency, then you know that having roadside assistance is a must. But, did you know that this service can set you back a pretty penny? That’s why we’ve rounded up the three biggest expenses you may need to factor in when hiring your next roadside assistance service provider.

First Call

You should expect to pay around $80 for your first callout. This covers labor costs and the use of their equipment. Your company may also charge for their first call-out which is something you should keep in mind before hiring a roadside service.

Additional Callouts

If your car was involved in a minor collision, then your provider will be there within the hour. However, if you need further assistance, then expect a delay. A roadside service will want to send out a replacement unit to get you on your way.

Additional Parts

If your car has more damage than what was initially thought, then you can expect to pay for the repair of those parts. This can include the replacement of the aforementioned overhead illumination, backup mirrors, and brake lights.


If your car is too badly damaged to be fixed and needs to be towed, then you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1,000 for towing, labor, and the use of their equipment. Your company will also charge for their first towing. The first towing is usually included in the first callout.

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